a little modeling

I think it was 1979 or maybe 1980 for Mode International, shot at the "Royal Mondétour" (one of our favorite hang out in Les Halles, through our punk years). timeless moment with Yves Adrien

and with Kirat.


1977 in paris

P.Morillon-Playboy article about Paris Punk
turning 20.
not yet 20.


triple force

modeling for Serge Krüger who I lived with in his loft rue des Lombards 1976-77.
(Serge is a genius...I adore him)

parallel worlds

that's a good one!!! march'78 in NYC with Maripol, photo by Edo

then a few months later in Paris with Frederika...
and I'm sporting the same look...


sirene muglerienne

a li'l bit closer...

Mugler show

Merçi Bernard (from Paris70) for sending that Gorgeous photo....(I've never seen it before)
People!!! anyone interested in the parisian "music-art-style-club scene" of the punk-disco-new-wave-afterpunkiceblue era (late 70's-80's) check out that awesome site.


with Thierry Mugler

1978 I think....at the Palace, of course for Loulou de la Falaise and Thadée Klossowski Magical Costumed Ball...I was a living statue of Diana the Huntress...
it took me more than a week to get rid of the paint...

behind God is love

to answer a previous comment about the image on the wall, it is a beautiful piece by Steven Pollack (1992), his version of "les demoiselles d'Avignon"
Whodat sitting on the right?


edwige and andy'77

check out the Paris70 link
I will post more photos of ParisPunk soon


acceptance is bliss

I'll be back with more thoughts after the 11th...



I got a new tattoo today, it hurt as hell....
but I'm loving it...that's for the body...
for the blog...I'm adding a whole bunch of links to connect the dots of my family tree, quite a trip...



pierre & gilles for Marie Claire mag 1978


another palace invite...

by Philippe Morillon


at the Palace in Paris

The first Grand Party for Loulou & Thadée, '78 (ph:Roxanne Lowitt)

Philippe morillon did a lot of illustrations for the Palace, this was in the DJ booth with my waiter-friend....