Edwige Queen of Punks

PARIS'77 by Pierre Poretti
chez Marie Beltrami


babyface edie'77nyc

at Glenn O'Brien's photo by Edo...


Interview Mag 1978, Pierre & Gilles, 1976-77

here we go....
Edwige's first photo in "Interview" mag by Edo 1978

and edwige by Pierre and Gilles their first photo in collaboration 1976-77...styled by Adeline André

Trial post with Isabel

still converting old photos to jpeg to post more memories
this is a trial with my baby isabel.Happy halloween 2005.


1979 Sleeve by Pierre & Gilles

with claude Artø, Discorough was "single of the week" in London's New Musical Express, we received a Disco d'or that year for being one of the most played song that summer and it's been redistributed recently in a french compilation "Colette4"...you can find it on line


cover of my 1st album with Claude Artø: "les visiteurs du soir"...

day one

I finally surrendered to the blogmeister!
at home in Brooklyn with Isabel Toledo-Belmore