Wow !!! it's been 3 years since the last post, how and why is time playing with me like this?
My life has been nothing but a blink.... a breath.... a hiccup.... a sneeze....
I'm opening my eyes and everything burns. everything blurred.
I see a bridge, I'm crossing it, I'm almost over it.
Am I the bridge I need to cross and get over? Bridge to what? I'm confused as always, and yet the clarity of my emotions is frighteningly blinding, burning, crippling.
No wonder I'm losing my eyesight along with the rest of my human capacities....
Am I becoming the crumbling stones of what used to be a path, a destination, a temple?
Am I the pounded dirt of a family home, or the dust one kicks in anger? Am I a rock, a root, a pebble, a leaf, a feather?
and again what would be my purpose?
if I was a rock, would you stand on me or hit me with myself?
if I was a root, would you grow with me or trip and fall?
if I was a pebble, would you collect me or throw me in the river?
if I was a leaf, would you gather rain drops on me to quench your thirst or crumble me?
and if I was a feather, would you let me float in the wild wind or wear me on your neck and nestle me on your heart?
If I was, would you be?


Fury and Edie NYC '07

30 years later, right back where we left off...
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the chicks in Paris 1977.

and with Herman same year in Les Halles


rollerskating @ "Le Palace"

1979 under the Palace before it became the "Privilege" I was in between styles....obviously not those behind me!!!I do remember she was a journalist....!!!!


Krootchey is Eartha Kit,
I'm just a private dancer.
RIP my Darling, I Love You

I think this is from a TV interview...1979.....

edwige & Helmut, Monte Carlo'86

André Leon Talley took this photo....


interview Mag '85, nyc

edwige & B-side/photo:edo/style:maripol

la chanteuse de Paris/pierre&gilles

dinner @ the Privilege'80
me, ursula Rodel
frederique Lorca
Lisa Rosen
Vincent Daré


fredo/edwige au Privilege

l'amour, toujours l'amour !!!!


from Philippe Morillon, 70/80

avec Loulou de la Falaise, ma douce...

NOW THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL, I have not seen them in many years...the book should be coming out in 2007, I can't wait...Thanx Philippe,


Etienne Daho-saudade

Philippe Gautier (my ONLY friend from High school) directed that video, I forgot when...(early 90's???) looking closely, since it was shot with a macro camera, you can catch my tatoos, hands, eyes...now and then...


so long CBGB'S



polars by Maripol, my sista

with Bianca @ Studio54

Bobby Miller NYC '78

I have traveled the world and managed to still have this picture bobby gave me 28years ago...I love it!!!!



I don't know what's going on but I haven't been able to post any pictures.....keeps on crashing....'I'll keep trying....


more punk days

from the book "I am a cliché" '77...


a little modeling

I think it was 1979 or maybe 1980 for Mode International, shot at the "Royal Mondétour" (one of our favorite hang out in Les Halles, through our punk years). timeless moment with Yves Adrien

and with Kirat.


1977 in paris

P.Morillon-Playboy article about Paris Punk
turning 20.
not yet 20.